It has been 16 years of fantastic clients and projects with the scope of work changing constantly.  I am in somewhat of an unusual role as I specialize in terrace design as well as Interior Design in Toronto. I work with mostly exotic woods and create spaces with no boundaries, and with extensive knowledge of what is allowed on Toronto Terraces per condo regulations.

For many terrace designs and interior design renovation projects, we deliver what is needed from the concept to the finished product. Such as drawings for interior/exterior renovations, electrical plans, scope of work, elevations and layouts. Then, of course, the last touches like selecting finishes and decor elements to complete the projects.

Anyone that has done an interior or exterior renovation will comment on the people that their designer or contractor work with. It is always a team effort. This is a key factor that reflects on the job being done correctly from start to finish. We work with a crew of dedicated and talented trades, architects and contractors who care too.

Not everyone is doing a home renovation, I’ve taken many spaces adding layers of design without doing any structural changes. I like people to feel comfortable in their own space.

My clients tell me how easy I am to work with.  It’s supposed to be fun, not stressful.

Even after all these years, I absolutely love what I do. I feel it is important to work with my clients, their lives, their needs, and what makes them feel comfortable. Of course, it better look fabulous.  Don’t worry, it will. I’d love to meet with you and discuss your next project.