Luxury Renson Pergolas


The Renson Camgue Pergola offers a fully integrated design solution. The roof is made of extruded aluminum blades that can be rotated to regulate sun protection and ventilation depending on your needs. Roof is waterproof when closed, Control is simple with remote control. Efficient, integrated water drainage. Controlled water drainage even with blades open.


The Renson Algarve Pergola with a horizontal sun protection roof with rotating blades. The Algarve Pergola has aluminum blades that can be rotated up to 150 degrees providing you with sun protection or ventilation as much as you desire. It has a waterproof roof. The Algarve Pergola fits in with any architectural style, contemporary or modern.


The Renson Camargue Skye offers a retractable, louvered roof. This is the most exclusive addition. The Camargue Skye offers protection from the rain, sun and wind. Open to the fullest for the sunshine or in the winter enjoy the sunlight to the fullest. When mounted to a wall, the sunlight can still shine into the home. Heating elements and speakers, free stranding or attached to an exterior façade. Windproof screens, sliding panels in gals, aluminum or wood, a fixed wall and outdoor curtains can also be integrated.

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