Outdoor Luxury Essentials

Outdoor Luxury is just that. The icing on the cake, the, “I’ve got to have it, I want it, let’s get it.”

In my world, included in those items and what I have been requested year after year to include in my exterior designs, Number one !!!! Hot Tubs. Ahhh. Just the name alone makes you want one. The most sought-after item I might add. Bona Vista is my go-to company for hot tubs. The combination of a professional, knowledgeable team of experts guides you seamlessly through the process, getting you exactly want you want. You can also get a pool. I’m just saying. While I am shouting out, check out all their other luxury items. Soon to showcase, Renson Pergolas, state of the art I might add. Coming this summer. Check them out.

Next are firepits. Custom is what I usually do, although there are some awesome off the shelf models, I would certainly take a look at, but if you want something that is unique, custom designed, look no more. I’ve got you covered.

Something we all need outside is furniture. Cabana Coast has been on my list since I owned my store. Why, because it is very well made, stocked right here, and some pretty nice options for a budget friendly project. Well worth the look. Let me know what you need and I can arrange it, and tons of colours and fabrics to choose from. Lots of great options.

And another very popular, very much needed, would be outdoor carpets. Luxury vinyl is our superior woven vinyl. Ultraviolet stable, no mold, no mildew growth, that’s important.

Natural Luxury all-natural jute rugs made to measure in any colour and any size. Made from naturally sustainable fibres, jute, coir and sisal.

Woven Vinyl, luxurious man-made product with style and flair, suitable for boats in beautiful patterns.

I could go on and on, why not reach out and tell me what you want. A lot more luxury is out there just waiting for you to tell me your wish list. Happy Summer!!!!!