Renovation Concierge Services Testimonial

It’s the best! I have used this concierge service and highly recommend it! Went away for 6 months and came home to a whole new home, unpacked and moved in. It was an absolute dream.

Tessa and Chris
February 23, 2021

Concierge Services

Concierge Services can be included in all Renovation Services. I have learned that this is an extremely valuable and essential services, for clients that want to be out of the Country or away during their renovation or remodel. Concierge Services has become even more essential due to COVID-19. Client’s don’t necessarily want to have to return from their destination so they can be present while waiting for a long process to come to an end and move back in.

Remaining in sunny destination or overseas is a more relaxing experience opposed to renting in the city. All of the design, including the choices to be made, without being present. That doesn’t mean you aren’t involved; it just means we will do it via Zoom as most meetings are being done that way right now due to COVID-19.

An example of what I provided for my client’s during COVID-19 on a 2-storey penthouse renovation started with providing a service to basically pack, store, to move, or to remove, to store all personal belongs, including furnishings to be kept. You are also available to use our contactor services, reliable, honest and efficient contractor with excellent trades provided. A full-time project management person on site daily to ensure that work is done to perfection and complete. No one just full-time showing up on these job sites.

Next is the process of design, creating the overall look and feel, showcasing all of the finishes, sourcing and purchasing all full-time the plumbing, lighting, tiles, hardwood, custom or accent carpeting, furnishings, linens, all kitchen essentials, appliances, outdoor furniture, carpeting, audio installations, TV and/or computer purchases, hot tub, pools, live wall, high end artificial greenery for outdoor space, not more irrigation if required, custom kitchens, bathrooms, painting, custom painting by Toronto Artist, custom blinds, or detailed window dressings with fabrics from around the globe, wallpaper installed by one of Toronto’s top installers, millwork, exterior design, built in kitchens, BBQ, fridges, pergolas, either custom wood pergolas or Renson State of the Art Pergolas. I am a verified distributor and installer of Renson Pergolas and anything else that is required. And while you are taking advantage of trade discount feeds and having a wide range of relationships with top retail stores and trades. Customer service in these fields is essential and created over many years of working together for our clients.

When my clients returned back to Canada after 7 months, they walked into a completed renovated penthouse, right down to the fragrance I chose to represent them and their new home. Dishes styled in cabinets, all kitchen essentials installed with custom inserts to fit their needs, towels, accessories and furnishings. The entire house filled with florals. Terrace completely fitted with new furnishings, custom outdoor carpets, their new SubZero Fridge stocked with food, SubZero Beverage Fridge completed with their list of favourite drinks. The fire was going, champagne was chilled and appetizers awaited them after a long journey back home. What a welcome!

I am very familiar and work with Condo Boards to arrange schedules for Contractors and Trades, arrange elevator services, prepare a schedule for the Condo Board, fill out all the required paperwork. Including preparing the scope of work documents and getting the Condo Approval. There is nothing for you to do other than to relax and let us take care of you.

For the beautiful reveal of this project, please see Interior Gallery, Wellington.

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Photo Credit: Brandon Barre