Interior farmhouse


This is our latest project for 2023.  The 5000 sq ft farmhouse was made up of the original farmhouse and the addition of an apartment, the owners private quarters with separate entrance.  The addition to the original farmhouse,  contains an apartment, billiard room, billiard room washroom, living room, scotch room which led out to the start of the wrap around porch .  Then you enter the original farmhouse with living room, farmhouse kitchen and office.  The upper floor holds a separate bedroom with large hallway and then we make our way into the guest suites with main bathroom.  Guests have their own towels and sheets and each bedroom is uniquely decorated in different colours so there is no confusion on who gets which room.  The hallway has an array of books, water and blankets if required.  I wanted the feel to be of a boutique hotel, warm and inviting.  I have added many areas to sit and grab a book from the homeowner’s collection and his father’s book collection. The living room and scotch rooms are special.  Living room holds a large group to watch movies or play games.  Scotch room was really never used, looked like it didn’t belong.  It does now.    The one special thing about this farmhouse are the owners and their love of sharing it with friends and family,  It was all about them.  So, relax and welcome to a fabulous weekend.   Just wanted to add that this is yet another project done with our “Concierge Services”.  The homeowners were enjoying the rest of the world while we did this 18 month renovation inside and out.  It was an emotional reveal and a huge success – for us all.