Luxury Outdoor Planters

Terra Firma Design is also very excited to be distributing Fesfoc Barcelona planters as part of our own exciting growth and want to offer it to all of Toronto’s established developers, builders, architects, landscape companies, deck builders and design companies. You will want to see these state of the art, contemporary planters as part of your projects. Savy homeowners, we can help you get your design started to make your terrace or garden come to life with these stunning planters. These have never been used in Toronto. This is the launching of the Fesfoc family products. We are proud and excited to be apart of this growth to Canada. These are already being used all over Europe, United States, and Vancouver. It’s about time we got them. I have been in the industry a long time so all the questions you are asking yourself about how it’s made – stainless steel- and can they withstand the winter- yes – or will the UV rays break down the colour or the steel- no, it won’t.

The planters are made of stainless steel and offer three standard colours, or we can create any custom colour. Your projects won’t be the same as everyone else’s you can put your own mark on these with your colour choice. We can do logos for your commercial projects. Planters have the capacity to light up. Each planter has its own drainage system in the down corners, and this will prohibit the water from gathering within the planter which would lead to cracking. There are many designs and sizes to choose from.