Candy Loft Terrace

Candy lofts has beautiful condos and this Exterior Designer Toronto project penthouse was exactly that. I built a kitchen with a 12 foot counter to facilitate a bar or banquet style dining.  The fire pit was designed to be visible by anywhere you sat.  I had it built high and long.  The artwork was done by my fav outdoor artist.  This was done on metal, installed away from the wall with back lighting.  The homeowners had great artwork inside, a true indicator of design savvy clients, so we came up with this long African style sunrise that shone beautifully as the sun came up onto the terrace.  Our theme was obviously orange, again, not afraid of colour.  I arranged the furniture so that it was looking towards everything.  The view as you can see is spectacular.  A custom pergola was built to facilitate some sun coverage with the idea of adding a retractable awing if necessary.  I had made rectangular wood boxes for the wall so the orange tea lights could sit inside and add some interest to the wood wall.  The counter is a spectacular piece of Dekton with lots of interest and movement.  All in all, a very artsy space.

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