Old Mill Terrace

This Exterior Designer Toronto project: Old Mill Terrace. The building was unique in that it had very few terraces but the few that they did have were large.  Most neighbours seem to be looking down onto this terrace so getting some privacy was the biggest hurdle.  I added a pergola with awning, manually maneuvered in the dining area, full privacy there.  We built a kitchen with stainless steel doors and interiors, Utilized the existing bbq but made it look built in, topped the kitchen off with the beautiful outdoor countertop.  It was open behind the kitchen so I added the privacy wall for that reason.  There was a lot of stone and glass so the wood really warmed up the space.  The seating area has a beautiful, light looking set, perfect for the style of the homeowner and surroundings.  Pots hardy enough to be left outside so the homeowner could do them up seasonally were a must and then 2 custom planters were made for the end of the terrace where there needed more privacy.  I had the planters designed to have the bottom cut out so legs could be added and filled the planters with Yews so the look could be softer to accentuate the furnishings yet give some privacy. A cantilever umbrella was a saving grace as when you opened it up, it literally covered the whole seating area, great coverage.   A round fire pit was purchased and was a perfect addition to the seating area, looking out over the mass of trees at Old Mill.  This Project was featured in the Globe and Mail.

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