Hazelton Lanes Terrace

This Exterior Designer Toronto project was one of my very first projects and by far it is the most photographed piece of work I have done.  If you could have seen it before with rotten wood you’d fall through on the floor and barrels everywhere.  Yikes.  I was hired by the interior design team to completely revamp the space, from new Ipe Decking, all done in squares to be removed easily and for a unique design.  I used Ipe boards on an angle to create design and privacy between the neighbours. I had to come up with something creative to keep the house cat from jumping into the courtyard of Hazelton Lanes below.  Nothing can be permanently attached so it was quite a feat to get this to be sturdy, safe, look amazing, and cat friendly, it’s been there for 10 years, all good.   The homeowner wanted to grow flowers and to garden as if she still had a backyard.  I used the best containers, filled them with trees, perennials and annuals.  To help with the city noise, I installed a fountain outside the sliding doors of her bedroom.  I added small garden statues for interest.  The furniture was all new.  An L shaped couch was purchased. I revamped the old garden chairs with a beautiful, soft green fabric.  The teak table and chairs had a matching chest.  I used this as a bar and side board for extra food coming out of the kitchen.  Added an umbrella for a little privacy and sun protection.  It has a lot of bang for a small space.  This project has been featured in magazines In Canada, U.S. and internationally.

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