Palmerston Church Terraces

This Exterior Designer Toronto project: Palmerston Church House has very large terrace for this property.  There is a need when a terrace is this big to make it flow and feel balanced or it has a tendency to feel cold and separated.  The materials for this project all had to be hoisted up manually outside the building from a laneway and there was a lot of material.  A massive 20X20 pergola with remote control retractable awning was installed.  We built a kitchen with TV, heavy duty Ipe cupboards.  The usual components, BBQ, fridge and Quartzite counters that had to be carried up 5 floors to the rooftop by 5 men.  Yes, there is an elevator but it was too big to go inside.  There was a washroom added with outdoor shower, containers of flowers flowed from back to front, irrigation system, lighting, outdoor carpets, all new furnishings, added cushions and a custom fire pit, umbrella.

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