The Beaches Rooftop

This Exterior Designer Toronto project rooftop terrace was way up at the top of a tall townhouse so by the time you got up there, you’d really hate to have left your glass of wine in the kitchen. So, when creating this space, that was one of the obstacles. There was an existing fence so I decided to just paint it out to save some money and soften the existing look of it.  The decking was already in place and I didn’t want to waste money changing it so I brought in my fav outdoor artist who is brilliant at matching Ipe colours.  Can’t be too orange!  We cladded the roof of the interior stairs as it was an eye sore. I added a pergola and a side wall for some privacy but allowing sunlight to come through.  I added a large tree behind the chair to separate the area and make it feel cozy.   I built a kitchen with a sink with running hot water and storage on one side and opposite side got the rest of the kitchen with drop in BBQ, outdoor fridge, sealed, waterproof unit for Ipad and speakers to be left outside.  Beautiful custom counter on both sides in the same warm tones as the fencing.  Room to work on both sides but allow flow of traffic.  There was a storage unit which I cladded and added a new door.  I created privacy from the street side with artificial greenery and a bar top with stools to look out over Queen Street, 2 lounge chairs for sunning, outdoor carpets. Custom outdoor cushions from Kravet to finish off the colour theme and design. This Project has been featured in a magazine.

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