Toronto Terraces Project

This project involved two completely separate terraces.  One terrace was for cooking and dining – the black version – and the other – the purple version – on the other side of the penthouse for lounging.

On the kitchen side, I duplicated the kitchen floor design onto the ceiling of the interior terrace with a hand painted mural. Pained interior walls with a F&B in a crisp white which enhanced the sharp, dramatic  black mural.
The massive glass doors that enclosed the dining section created a cozy, warm space. Those were revived as well.
All furniture was reupholstered with stunning, outdoor fabrics and an antique console table I found created a visual beauty with large scale antique urn, filled with artificial and real flowers.   Hard to tell the difference. Now this,  is luxury terrace dining.

On the Lounging Terrace – again lots of drama – but this time soft pretty whites and purples. Talk about elegant!  One area for lounge chairs to relax, the middle terrace which also has the glass door enclosure to keep the wind at bay was full of beautiful,  white furniture and lots of shades of plums and purples. Even the walls got F&B soft grey colours.
The exterior terrace on this the side has a custom, hand painted mural – stunning –  with custom upholstered benches to sit and view the art, or just relax and take in the sun.
Now,  this is a perfect family or entertaining area. We even included fur throws for these chilly mornings or evenings. Lounge Away!