Top 5 Terrace Decorating Tips are key, but initially I look at the whole terrace space, it’s relevance to inside and how that relates to your interior design.

TIP #1

1. Pick a colour scheme that easily flows from the interior of your house.  You want to match colours that enhance or are coordinated with your interior design. On this board, I have chosen black and white because these colours are bold and never go out of style.

Decorating outside can have a stronger appearance so we usually soften it with greenery. As you can see, we have used these gorgeous planters with greenery to soften. Use lots of planters to create an oasis, regardless of your colour.

TIP #2

2. Start with something you love and want to use in the outdoor space. For instance, if you have a piece of furniture, indoor cushions, a mirror or anything you love ,or anything that makes a statement, work around that, make it your focal point. Don’t be afraid to use indoor pieces. They may not last forever if they are exposed to the elements but that’s a chance you take.

TIP #3

3. Find furniture that fits and suits the space. Larger pieces first. How many pieces can you get into the space that doesn’t over crowd. Do you want to be able to dine? Do you want to lounge? Do you want to be able to do more than one activity outside?

You may want to consider this beautiful outdoor sofa which can accommodate so many uses such as entertaining lots of guests, lounging, tanning on the chaise, grab a plate and sit down to eat. This one piece of furniture can do the job of several pieces.

Accent chairs are used exactly the same as inside. They create that conversation zone.  Love the pouf, put your feet up no matter where you are sitting, on the sofa or just sit on the pouf.  I have used these many times as extra seating, even around the hot tub.

Be sure to measure before falling in love with that huge table and chair set! Remember a big consideration on a terrace is the sun, it can be brutal so you may need more than one of these easily placed umbrellas. Be sure to close them when not in use. No doubt, your terrace is windy.

TIP #4

4. Here is the next of the Top 5 Terrace Decorating Tips.  Does your flooring need to be covered? That is a key element. Most condos are done with a cement finish or large stones. The cement over years cracks and breaks off, this is when I could recommend you redo your flooring. There are many options.
Take a look at this project which features a beautiful, long lasting floor with no maintenance!!

TIP #5

5. If you can’t redo your flooring, find a great rug. There are so many amazing types of rugs, but if you are buying from a reputable store, it will be made of a material that will not soak your floor below or in any way damage it. Like any accessory there are many colours, textures, and of course sizes.

These are my Top 5 Terrace Decorating Tips but I have got a lot more to share.  I’m so excited about posting and blogging these great ideas that are so easy for you to use.  The next one is called Texture Meets Colour.  I think you will see the difference between the bold black and white but just as vibrant with colour!

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